We loan, we borrow and we stole

We loan, we borrow and we stole


The Winter of 1978, we create boundless nights, we made thousand promises for love and you taught me. We loan, we borrow and we stole. The veil of falseness made us believe in the bliss of love embrace and in the serene hours of the night. Love is like music, making love ambrosia feel real and alive.


We opened the curtains and we laid bare for the Winter moon. I remember the brilliant of your eyes and we learned, the breathless hush where lovers, do not need to speak.


We were young, brave and playing the jester for the emotion of love. We were drunk in love and did not care where we fell. I remember the fragrant of your skin and I retrace in dreams, the valleys and the hills of your perfect body.


I remember you and I remember us. We loan, we borrow and we stole. We were Hemingway and Agnes, wanting everything and wanting just enough. Do you remember me? My lovely one.


Dancing Coyote