Dear Angela


A pretty girl sat with me by the sea and she whispered to me. “You know who I’m and what I do. And you stayed with me. All I know is dirty stories and dead-ends. No-one wants a use and abuse woman. I’m twenty years old and I have nothing left.”


I brought her up and I held her tightly. Me and my Angela. We danced by the Sea-side Pacific ocean and I told her. Baby, honey and my sweetheart. No-one is clean, life is hard and all of us must taste dirt and disappointment. Life make us bleed and we will find more darkness than light.


Dear Angela smiled and she whispered to my wanting ear. ” Dear Johnnie. You make me feel so beautiful and so worthwhile. You treat me like we are first love and the last love. When you look at me. I feel needed and wanted. Johnnie, can broke-down life find a happy place again?


We stopped dancing and we watched the Pacific ocean. I brought her closer and I kissed her. I told her, life is like the sea. Moving, flowing and ever-changing. We are always learning my dear Angela. All we can do is grasp at love when she is near. Make the good days and nights never-ending. We must forget the bad days and seek kind people, who love us for who we are.


Soft tears fall from her eyes and she asked me. “Please stay with me Johnnie awhile. Maybe I will smile for real and show real face again. I need someone to love me.”


I kissed her forehead, face-cheeks and lips. I whispered, you are the place I need to be my Angela.


John Castellenas/Coyote