Falling Into the Ocean

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

What's on your Mind

Kisses that taste like bitter coffee,
My favorite smell, but it doesn’t taste as sweet.
Your lips are cold, like the ice melting in my drink.
Are they cold because of me, or is that just the temperature of your waters?

When we step back, I can finally see you.
Fingers laced in my hair, and eyes that can’t see me.

Can you see anything through the storm clouds of your thoughts?

I’m reminded more of the tumultuous sea that is you, then I am of the free feeling of flying that they told me about.

They always said that love was like being a kite.
You’d be riding the wind, going higher and higher,
And when you eventually left I would sail to the ground, only prepared to break.

But this isn’t stomach whirling love.
This is deep and dark, and my feet will never touch the bottom of…

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