A wonderful poem by a talented writer.


Somewhere on the Champs Elysees,
Somewhere in the barren, lamp-lit streets
of cobblestones and carburettors
in the twilight,
in the silence.
Where we shared our first kiss
undercover in a hotel room
where you whispered ‘I love you’,
where the earth moved,
and my breath stopped.
Where our bodies melted into one
like ice cream on a sidewalk,
and we commemorated our love
in a black and white photograph,
just me,
but it’s your favourite picture.
Where lies spread from our lips,
‘Did you sleep with her?’
‘Did you sleep with him?’
‘No’, we answered,
but we could not deny,
that you fell for me, and for you, I.

Inspired by “Tiva” and the NCIS episode “Jet Lag”. 

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