“lover, lover, lover”

Burning desire


Locked doors took us to the utopia of the embrace and the sweet kiss. Protected by the whispers of Leonard Cohen songs in the background. Love was new for us and you were my only need. Your gentle whispers of lover, lover, lover. Let’s become one in the cold of the night, release the veil of protection and dance in the fantasy of where love is life. Life is love. I brought you close and kissed warm welcoming lips and I told you. We are dancing on dangerous ground of no return and I will risk everything for you. Love was sealed with sweet kiss and embrace.


Lover, lover, lover.

You asked me to define love. I looked in your green eyes and caressed your auburn hair. I told you. True love is like a free river, no boundaries or limits. When love is alive. You find places of no return and seek new places where lovers roam freely and safely. She whispered. Lover, lover, lover. Allow your hands to show me I’m alive. Allow your lips to make me tremble and move with joy. Let’s become one in our secret world and place. I brought her close and we allowed the night to become day. Holding her close and wishing to never leave our safe place.


Coyote/John Castellenas