In the Garden of the Poet

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Charmed Chaos

Time falls away in the garden of the poet
as each coming season ebbs and flows,
movements based on each new flower
there is a time to plant and a time to sow.

In spring, the garden sings with a vibrant hum
hordes of honey bees linger on every succulent flower
napping in their fragrant colorful petals,
watching the vibrant changes with the setting sun
as each beautiful bud seems to bloom by the hour

In summer, there is the low hum of emerging cicadas
singing in the trees to starlings gathering at the baths,
blissfully passing the lazy time soaking their wings
while fresh green sprouting in the garden slows,
because the scorching sun burns tender growth

In autumn, once more the robust garden thrives
grateful to have made it through summer alive
lemons are getting fat with juice but still tinged green
waiting for the perfect day…

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