“Listen to the wind”

Listen to the wind

Find a valley where the kind wind can sing to you,
stand in an apple tree orchard,
touch an apple, taste the sweetness.
Gifts, wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

Go to the sea,
dance with the waves,
meditate with the ocean song,
the great sea,
will sing the song of today, will sing the songs of yesterday.

Caress the soil,
just dirt to many,
hug a tree,
just wood for many.
Simple things as the trees and the earth.
Life begin and die with them.
We need the food and we need the clean air.

Human life,
7 billion plus.
Who is important and who is not?
The sky we share,
the earth we share,
the water we share,
who decide,
who live and who died?

Men are taking and stealing from kind Mother Nature.
One day, the greedy men shall learn.
Powerful nature will outlast men greed.
Old Native American wisdom.
“When the bear and the wolf is gone. Man will follow. ”

Easy to appreciate the gifts of nature.
Taste an apple, savor an sweet cherry or blueberry.
Bite into an orange or taste the sweetness of a watermelon.
Look at a free-range, dance with the sea.
Roam where the wolf and bear dance,
maybe we shall learn.
We must protect and love Mother Nature.

Dancing Coyote