Wild horses

Wild horses


We laid bare on the patio, allowing the moonlight to caress our skin. She wanted to make love at the midnight hours on the closed-in patio, as the rain gentle fell.


I told her, a warm bed awaited us and I saw in her eyes. Wild horses in those emerald eyes, I saw a wild storm that could not be tamed. Her voice silky and sweet whispered, if we live the quiet life. We extinguish lust by accepting the norm. We must play truth or dare, or we shall forget. The flesh need payment, the flesh need to burn with want and need. I want you to long for me and dream of me when we are apart.


I kissed her neck and face, I whispered, I love how you weave and move with the music, when the song is good. I love the vision of you. You are my divine miracle. I love how you are unashamed of being nude when I return home from work. Tempt my eyes and my mind. You are my Gypsy lady who make me believe in the madness of love.


She stood-up, allowed the moon and the stars to be blessed by her womanly curve and dangerous smile. She told me, we are wild horses, you and I. We indulged in the agony of love grasp. Like we know. Love can be seconds, love can be minutes, love can be hours.


I went to her, held her waist and I kissed her shoulders. I told her, I am intoxicated by the smell of your skin, I cherish when you whispered, the sweet love words to me. My misty eyes lady, you know the language of the fresh and how to ascend us to the utopia of love kiss and love embrace. You are my ambrosia.


A Winter California night, the gentle rain is falling. Two people praying for fortune of love to stay.


Dancing Coyote