“I called your name”

I called your name


Beautiful lady weeps for me. I departed for unknown destination. I didn’t know. First tears will take us to weight-full memories and places amidst lonely descended wants and needs.


She told me. I was mad with anger. Joined a war and would forget promises made. I would forget her face.


I didn’t know. Her first tears and last tears for me would mark me forever. Leave me with agonizing grief, that would be learned when I returned home from my wars. Learning her bleeding heart found someone who would stay with her and entwine their two lives together.


I knew I soiled a sweet love. I had captive a sweet woman and left her for the gamble of war and the highway. She told me once. “True love leave two people with the oneness in heart and mind. I love you so and I believe you love the wine and song more then me.”


Dear woman knew. I wanted and loved the wine and song, now I drink till I’m not drunk and I walk into the deep sea.


I called her name and I knew. She would not come.
Coyote/John Castellenas