Did we love? Did we bleed??

Did we love? Did we bleed?


Oh, la, la, l, dear love, I sang to you, I sang for us.
We were whiskey nights and whiskey kisses.
I loved you more than life and you loved the unwashed memories.


Your porcelain face disguised a pretty face and kind heart.
We knew only the dance of the body that demanded the long ride and the silence.
The silence of love wishes buried away and hidden in the quicksand of life.


You were so damn pretty and I asked you often.
Did we love? Did we bleed?


I kissed your pale skin of your tender knees and I looked into your starving hazel eyes and I whispered. My pretty one, I knew you sweet, I knew you sad and I knew you broken. Now I see frozen face and barren heart. I told you once. Never give everything away to one lover. Mysterious love make us beg for more, even when the love is, a one way street.


Oh, la, la, la, a lee. My pretty one. Lay with me my sweet, lay with me in the bed of lies.
Let’s sing song of yesterday, let’s sing song of today. Imprison heart, bled-out and dead. Just one more wound in the dance of kiss and never tell. We are old wine and raw skin needing gentle touch and to be awoken.


She looked into my eyes. Her hazel eyes turned river blue and she whispered. Johnnie, you know the liar prayer. You broke me once, you broke me twice. Now a hundred times later, I bleed for you. I am not the dead one. I came to you when I believe love was life. You taught me the legacy of intoxicating love. I ached for your words of love and you taught me. Love is stealing kisses, loaning the body and ghostly words. Now I became you.


He looked at her and he told her. My pretty one, you are right. The student became the teacher. Dark life and dark wishes made me cold and listless. You were my only sweetness in a life swimming in chaos. Please forgive my curse, like father. I always wanted more. My great sin, rage and anger. Torment man loved shattered glass and deep drink. You deserve more my kind lady.


She smiled and she whispered. We have reached final place, we will confess to the midnight moon our deadly sins. We will be become nude, honest and seek forgiveness. Student and teacher keep finding each other. Unforgiving maze take us back to the same motel. Please Johnnie, love me right, love me true. Please stop the bleeding.


Two people bare and true. Playing truth or dare, where no-one shall win?


Dancing Coyote