Color Guard Haiku

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Steps In Between

bird of paradise

A short and sweet Sunday post today. Summer is that time of year where schedules get highjacked for either fun vacation-y reasons, or even lazy lounging ones. I am leaving on vacation in a few short days, but I also have some exciting news to share. Therefore, this post will be a little different than usual. Don’t worry, there is still some quick writing advice at the bottom. So, take a peek!

Finally, it’s happening! I have selected poetry from my award-winning series, Colors, on Channillo to create a chapbook, available for purchase the end of this summer. Included in my debut book, Colors Collected, is thirty-one poems from my series, plus several new pieces written especially for the book. I will release my official launch date soon!

As I await this colorful surprise, I will leave you with some color-inspired haiku. Each one stirred by the beauty…

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