The Island- part three

(The Island- part three
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
A new chapter.)


The Island- part three

I remembered Nicole song and her soft hands caressing my face and chest. I fell into a deep and needed sleep. I had a week of hell. Finding money, a place to bury my brother and his mother wanted a memorial. I didn’t rest till I accomplished the needed task. A heavy day at the funeral. Few talks and many cried for the twenty year old boy. He left no note and he hung himself in his aunt’s attic. Silence and prayers, all we could do. I awoke fighting ghosts and Nicole whispered. It is okay Johnnie, I am here. She kissed my face and caressed my face. I returned to peaceful sleep. I awoke early and I left her in the warm bed. I took my journal to a wood bench near Lake Superior. I wrote some words into my journal.

“Did I do enough?
Why couldn’t I see the struggle?
why couldn’t I know?
Little brother was fighting demons.
Now I know a worn-out life,
my life.
my last words to him,
were they kind?
Were they spoken from a selfless place?
My careless life taught me.
Slow down,
lead with concern, kindness and listen.
Lessons learned too late.”

“Little brother shall find his older brother, now,
I pray my brothers found a better place than Detroit to rest.
My toilsome life, forgot to find time to listen,
I forgot to find time to look into my brothers eyes.
Ask, are you okay?
Foolish men learn too late.
Life is fragile,
time is gold.
Love shall break your heart.”

I heard Nicole calling my name, she was at the cottage entrance standing in panties only. She was so beautiful and I knew. She was a miracle. I found Idyllic by mistake and the blessing of Nicole and Lana. I waved at her and she ran to me. She embraced me tightly and she asked, was I okay? I told her, I am perfect dear Nicole. She looked sad and she whispered. You are not okay. Last night you had a loaded 32 pistol and dancing on death edge. Today we shall eat a small breakfast and you and I, will sit by the lake. We will discuss anything and everything. She released me and she handed me the 32 pistol. She told me. If you are okay. Toss the pistol into Lake Superior. I saw in her hazel eyes, they were blue as the sea and we walked to Lake Superior. I tossed the 32 into the lake. She kissed me and we held embrace till we heard Lana yelling. Time to eat.

The meal consisted of some fruits, toasts and two eggs. We ate in silence till Lana asked. Can I paint your face today? I want your face on the wall of the bridge. I love your ancient face and faraway eyes. If I create a painting of you, you will become part of the folklore of Idyllic. I laughed at her words and I told her. You want my ugly face on the beautiful bridge? You will scare people away from the island. she smiled and she told him. Idyllic found you, you didn’t find the island. The island found you.

After breakfast, Nicole ran away to get dressed. She ate her meal topless, left me to look at the lake during the meal. I wanted to see her bare shoulders and perfect breasts, but I was polite. I got dressed and I washed myself up. I told the mirror. This is a dream, Johnnie on a island with two beautiful women. I whispered a silence prayer. Thank you god of life and death for bringing me here. I was so tire, so damn tire. Please make me learn how to live with the sorrow and the loss. Baby brothers, I pray you have found a place for you, to be content. I dreamed last night I saw you, my brothers running toward the sun. Laughing and dancing with the lake.

I heard a voice. Nicole asked, are you ready for the lake walk? I came out of the bathroom and Nicole was wearing a Summer cotton dress of white, allowed me to see bare shoulders and powerful tanned legs. I told her. You are so beautiful, you look like a Greek goddess. She smiled and she whispered. Maybe I am?

She took his hand and she led him to the path. She told him, the path circled the island. I asked for the Captain to meet us at the Witch tree. The halfway point. I want him to burn sage for us. He is a good listening and he know the mystic ways. Sometimes, you need help to heal. Pain and sorrow, can kill the soul, destroy the heart. The path was wide and the wildflowers were blooming everywhere. Nicole told him stories of the herbs. She told him, the natural herbs are everywhere and can heal the body and the mind. She reached in her small backpack and she handed him a drink. He tasted the drink and he told her. Taste good, what is it? She smiled and she told him. My wild rosemary tea, the healing of the mind. Make the mind alert and the blood flow better.

They stopped at the Witch tree. A very old tree reaching in 20 directions. The tree leaves touched the water. She told him. The Captain said the tree is a thousand years old. If you listen, the tree will tell you many stories. I brought her close and we watched Lake Superior dance for us. I heard a old voice and I turned. A Native American man with a ancient face said good morning.

Dancing Coyote