The Island- part four

(The Island- part four
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
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The Island- part four


I liked the Captain face. He had a ancient and kind face. He took my hands and he told me. I am glad to meet you finally. Lana told me, a stranger was with us on the island. We receive few visitors on Idyllic. They call me Captain, my name is Kintpuash, too hard to pronounce, I was born on the west coast and my home was once California and Oregon. I was saved by Lana, on a hang-man rope, she saved me and she brought me to Gichigami, Lake Superior. The Ojibwa called her big water. No more talk of my past, later if you like. I can tell you a Modoc Native American tale. I see in your face, a heavy sadness in your face. When we lose our brothers, a forever ache we shall know. Nicole asked, do you want me to leave? He looked at her and he told her. If you leave, who shall burn the sage? Make the tea? She smiled and she went to a small pit and warmth-up a small kettle. Nicole name mean victory of the people. She is the rock of the island. Today we talk little, tomorrow we discuss anything and everything.


The Captain pointed toward four large rocks near the lake. He told me, Gichigama is blessed, filled with many spirits and mystery. The Ojibwa loved her. She is so powerful and she cannot be controlled. We sat down and we sat in a deep silence. I liked how the Captain eyes loved the dancing waves of Lake Superior. Nicole brought the tea to me and to the Captain. Today we will drink the cranberry tea. Make the mind and body calm, we will burn the wild rosemary sage. He looked at Nicole and he told me. She is the surreality of the island. She dances with the Winter storms, when the Winter water touches the earth. Artwork for us to see. On the bridge, our Greek goddess artwork blesses the visitors. If they pay attention. You can see her dancing with lake Gichigama in the four seasons. She smiled and she told him. Enough about me dear Captain. She rose-up and gather the sage and the lighter.


The Captain closed his eyes and began to pray. Nicole walked in a circle-dance around the four rocks with the burning sage.


Gichigama, Gichigama.
We are with you this morning.
Please come sit with us,
befriend our new friend,
bless-us with the calmness of the lake spirit.
We need the blessing of forgiveness,
the blessing of understanding.
Thank you lake Gichigama.


After the prayer. We sat in silence till the sage burn-out. Nicole sat with me, held my hand. The Captain stood-up and he told us. Tonight at my cottage. Fresh fish from the lake, some bathtub gin and we can talk till the stars fall into the lake. He waved goodbye and I looked at Nicole. I told her. Thank you for being so kind to me. I don’t know why you are so kind to me. I kissed her forehead and her lips. She told me. Life is hell-storms and we must learn to dance with the lighting. We must love the sea, the lakes and the earth. Love is the hardest thing we must do. When we love, we give a part of us away. I see in your eyes, the sorrow of trying to understand the suicide of your brother. You must ask yourself, are you alive, are you dead? Dear Johnnie, you are alive. She traced my face with tender fingers and she embraced me tightly.


She stood-up and she went to Lake Superior. She tossed off her shoes and she danced with the morning waves. I watched her dance joyfully with the powerful lake. I looked at the rising morning sun and I told the sun. Thank you for this day and for Idyllic. Thank you for Nicole. She is a blessed goddess.


Dancing Coyote