Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Ethos Of Solitude


I woke up with an unwritten poem,
Beating against my shaking fingers,
I stare at the naked sky
Wind is fluttering through
The half opened window
His arms around the pages of my book.
We made love to words,
I gave birth to your lines,
In the middle of night,
In the warmth of cold moon.
Silence of the night breaks,
We are stuck by time,
I failed to forget our memories,
You said you wanted to fall in love,
And you did
You spoke many secrets to me,
About your mistakes,
Your dreams, your scars.
I cut my vein, words fell out,
Scattered in the pages, wet,
Which you burnt, to purify,
To make things right,
I hope, I find those lost words,
One day, when it rains.

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