The bloody mary

A bloody Mary


A pretty girl sat alone and I introduced myself. My name is Johnnie and I sat near her. She told me, my name is Paloma and she sat in a heavy silence. I asked her, was she alright? Her face turned sad and she told me. I was offered wine and I ordered a Bloody Mary.


They brought me, a girly drink, a little vodka, too much tomato juice and too pretty. I didn’t need the pickles and the olives. They forgot the spices, no salt or pepper. I asked the bartender. Do you think I’m a tender filly? I told him, add more hot sauce, double the vodka and keep your pretty stick, olive and pickle. I want a drink to rock my world, not put me in a deep sleep.


I sat closer to her and I whispered. “Paloma, spit and vinegar ladies accept life hard and straight”. I told the bartender, double the vodka, a kick of hot sauce and some salt and pepper. Color the Bloody Mary with some tomato juice. if done right, the pretty lady won’t complain and could be kinder.

She smiled and laughed at my words, she told me. Vodka and some juice, too sweet for us. You know Johnnie. Love is sweet, love be damned. I like you. You are more easy on me then, the crown royal whiskey. You and I need the vodka straight and our words honest.