A memory, a story remembered.

A memory, a story remembered.


In the stillness of the night,
you held me, so tightly.


You were my 2 am lover and my midnight dancer.
Your kiss was the sweetest breathe given to me.


You told me often,
you are my everything and you make me feel alive and needed.


I knew our love was just like the snow flakes floating into the Winter storm.
We were dreamers, wishing for a miracle.


Tonight I know silence and memory.
I whispered to the falling snow, outside my window.


You bewitched my heart dear love.
I know now, you were my everything.




Lovely, perfect and wonderful.

Soft, tender and perfect.

Fearless, desperate and so sweet.

We stole kisses, we stole our kindness.

You, I.

Just a memory.