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kavi small

Oh! Come to me thee
Like the unabashed clouds engulf
The moon in its all glory,
It hids it from the shine and shimmer,
Not letting a drop escape, its hold.
On a moonlit night, come take me
With you never to be separated from you.
A single breath that alivens me again
When you let me regain myself.
From the complete intoxication that you
Drive me with. I swam across the entire
Ocean and sky, giving you every part of me.
Till there wasn’t nothing to spare, except
For the life you spew into me, by hugging me
Clasping in your arms that surround me.
Snaking me in a grip that you would never let go
No matter who or what comes in between us.
I am yours, whenever you want to reclaim me
Or boss me over, just with your single call
“Sweetheart”, it lingers in every cell…

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