The Queen of the Wild

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Edge of Life

cristian-giordano-qtqcSwzekFo-unsplash cristian-giordano-qtqcSwzekFo-unsplash

“The Wild!”

An exclamation that makes everything beautiful, attractive, and soulful.

The landscapes, the green trees, the white-crowned mountains, the hazy clouds, the glossy sky, the serene water of the lake…
I carry them in my heart like rhythmic poetry!

Everything gets lost within me.
I, the beloved queen of the west wind!

I don’t get lost in the asymmetric silence of the world.

As this is the glistening canvas of life, where I spill out the fractured reflections of my soul!
I, the beloved princess of the shimmering autumn.

“The Wild.”

The secret place where angels meet humans, bestowing love and ebullience upon them.
I stand all alone and stare at them.

I color all my bones with the light of the sun and the flimsy wings of butterflies. I fly up to the ether, alone!
I don’t get lost in the wild.

I, the beloved of the…

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