Native American Wisdom from Bear Heart

Wonderful and powerful words.

Bear Foot Holistics

Bear Heart

native american wisdomWe live in a world full of stress, war, ecological disasters, and financial upheaval. Sometimes it even seems that the world situation may be hopeless.

But the fact is that we don’t have to look far for solutions.  Indigenous peoples from around the world have much to teach us about living a balanced life.

Here are twelve life tips from Grandfather Bear Heart:

1. Never complete a negative statement. You might start out thinking it, but don’t complete it because you’re about to enter it into the computer in your head and it could come true.

2. Develop your powers of observation. Be aware of everything going on around you — it could save your life. Interviews with incarcerated criminals reveal that they seek victims who are not paying attention. Developing your observation skills is also a way to improve your intuition.

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