The rising sun and the falling moon


(The rising sun, the falling moon

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

A poem for my new book. The Island.)

     The rising sun, the falling moon


Prettiest lady, I ever seen, she danced with the Lake Superior waves.

She loved to drink and clatter when the Bacchus wine was good.

Hand in hand, we walked the island path.

She made the lapse of time, slower and more wonderful.

She weaved me stories to make me see,

life was more than me.


I told her, she was the rising sun, the falling moon.

She made the new-born sun divine when I could look into her eyes of green,

she made the falling moon seem endless and bright.

She told me,

true love is like the sun and the moon,

rarely do the moon and sun touch,

love followed the same path.

Never waste the emotion of love when she is near.

She is the ambrosia of a life.

Love can be hours, days or years.

Make them everlasting.


I remember the scent of lavender of her skin,

I remember her dancing feet, moving with water,

I remember the song of her voice, as she sang to the stars.

I remember her beautiful face.


She told me.

Your Hemingway’s tale is beginning,

you must die often to learn to live.

Save someone and you will save yourself,

Save many and you shall learn peace.

Love is life, life is love dear poet.


Dancing Coyote