The Scottish kisses

The Scottish kisses
It was 1978 and the long days of Summer were here. Early June, warm days, weekend activities and weekend adventures to discover new places. I found safety in the German taverns. Loud and obnoxious drinking places serving the good German beer and the strong booze. A young man dream.
Drinking contest, 3 am soccer games with the loco German men and women. Easy days, the good days.
On a Friday night, a drinking boot in hand, filled with beer, one drink and one kill. I finished and my German friends were laughing and cheering and I saw her.
A dark eyes beauty with perfect gentle and kind face. She smiled at me and she turned away.  I yearned to see her face again and put my hands though her long dark black hair. I wanted to look into her eyes.
She stole my want to become  a foolish drunk. She was wearing a colorful Summer dress, knee length and she wore sandals. Her legs and arms were tanned and she was the prettiest girl I ever saw. I went to her and I touched her shoulder and she turned to me. Her eyes were looking me over and her friend told her.  You attracted the loud and laughing American. Ain’t we lucky? I smiled and I told them, my name is Johnnie and I reached-out my hand to her. She took my hand and she told me. My name is Sheena and my friend name is Cindy. We are from Scotland. What do you want?
I told her. Just love from the prettiest girl in the world. You stole my heart when I saw your beautiful face. I was bewitched by your hazel eyes. You are my Scottish siren or maybe my muse who stole my heart and soul. She laughed at my words and she told me. You Americans, talk more bullshit than any English London man who believe he is Dryden. I smiled and I told her. More Hemingway than Dryden. Dryden was too serious for me. Hemingway loved to drink, dance and celebrate life. More entertaining.
Cindy smiled and she told Sheena. Ask the drunk American, does he have a friend? We want to go dancing tonight, the smoky tavern is boring me to a early death. I smiled and I yelled. Hanson, come over here now. My friend Russ Hanson is a New Hampshire boy. Russ, pretty Cindy looking for a dance partner. He smiled, seeing the dusty blond Scottish girl. He told her. I am a dancing fool Cindy.
Sheena looked serious at me and she told me. I will agree if you understand. Just dance and talk, don’t expect anything else. I smiled and I told her. I will be a perfect gentleman.
We left the tavern and we found a disco club near the lake. We drank coke and danced till the club was locking down. Sheena was a wonder, working a Summer job in Germany and was full-time in college to be a nurse. I told her. I am just a soldier seeking reasons to be alive. Cindy and Russ sat at a distance talking, we sat by the lake and I wrapped my arms around her. The girls missed the last bus to their small town. Me and Russ waited with them till the morning bus.
She told me. Thank you for keeping us company and the dancing. We had fun. Most fun, Cindy had this Summer. You make me laugh and smile. I told her. I am smiling too. She brought her beautiful face to my face. She whispered, please Johnnie, don’t break my heart. She gave me one quick kiss and the gift of the second kiss. I looked at the Summer moon and I did a quiet prayer. Thank you for the gift of this wonderful girl.