Everyone is a river and great song


(Everyone is a river
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
A poem, for new book, The Island.)


Everyone is a river


Nicole sat in her bra and pantie, her bare feet moving and dancing in water of lake Superior. I adored watching her and I traced her body with my eyes. I loved her tattoos on her tender skin. On her back were wings of a angel, mixed of many colors making her back look like a rainbow after a soft morning rain.


A string of red rose bushes rose-up her left leg to her lower back. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She turn to me and she asked. You like my tattoos? My favorite tattoo is the flowing river upon my right arm. Dear Johnnie, everyone is a river, we are part of the earth. Each of us having reason and purpose. We learn great wisdom when we know, a grand life is befriending many, being kind to the earth and her animals. When we learn, like the river, we must be. Allow the movement of life to take us to where we should be. We must learn to share earth with all people and all the animals. When we learn to share and protect the earth, the water and the sky. We are blessed.


I looked into her beautiful eyes and I told her. Thank you Nicole, for you. When I speak to you, I learn, I can be more than I am. You taught me, each of us can create chaos or we can create calmness. I have a life making money for wealthy people, I lost myself in the need of greed and things, I did not need. Idyllic had taught me, take what you need, be kind and listen well. Dear Nicole, you are a river. I love the way you flow through life so easy and soft. You are a gift and a blessing.


Nicole came to me and she straddle me. The warmth of her body making me feel helpless. She kissed me once and maybe a thousand times more. Nicole, made me part of her river.

Dancing Coyote