“Dirty little secrets”

 Dirty little secrets
I watched the moon rise and the sun run away and I remember “You and I”. I was the dancing moon whispering words of love to you as we pass in the night. I was told fire and water cannot be mixed. One shall die.
Love can be sweet, love can be bitter. Can sleeping mind and heart be reborn? Lovers confess on paper things they need and want. Sweet wishes can be turned into dirty little secrets.
A chameleon life, are we? Inner wishes becoming lies and wishing well whispers. I know people need face to face. Need to color the empty places with a canvas of long walks, beautiful places and showing real face.
Real face. Few we allow in to see. I wonder what do you dream about? I want to know what makes you smile and laugh? Hard to unlock doors closed tightly. Are we just laying in shallow graves? Waiting?
The midnight confessions to the moon are cutting and honest words. The midnight confessions are bleeding words whispered to the rising sun.
I’m the moon and you are the sun. Like all things. They turn, turn, turn till we give-in or give-up. Are we support to accept less? Would you my warm and kind sun. Love my morning face?  Would I love  your smile and words in the mist of the nightly darkness?
Dirty little secrets can become very heavy and the old wise poet once wrote. Don’t be wishy-washy. Man-up and live.
I’m the moon and you are the sun. Please wait for me dear love.