“Thank you for the dance”

Thank you for the dance
My bare foot lady danced by the sea,
the moon is above and the stars are lighting up the night sky.
I watched her dance, joyfully and content to celebrate the song of the Pacific.
I told her,
dear Marcella, my love, my beauty, my joy.
Please make this night, never-ending.
She came to me and she brought me close to her and we danced,
our feet moving and touching the coldness of the sea.
I whispered to her,
thank you for the dance.
Beautiful Marcella smiled and she whispered.
One-two-three, one-two-three, one.
The dance is simple,
love is hard,
life can be harder dear Johnnie.
Today we dance for the Summer moon,
tonight, you and I,
alone with the sea and kind love is sweet.
I kissed her, long and sweet.
I whispered, thank you beautiful lady.
The moon smiled and the stars were dancing.
Two people danced for them and the night was blessed.
                           Dancing Coyote