The gales of Winter


The gales of Winter
Lake or sea, the mighty water never sleep. When the sea is quiet, the lake is resting. Danger is near.  I believe, all of us, are like the long river.  We live a endless journey, trying to find our proper place.
The gale of Winter remind us. We shall struggle, fall and rise. We will seek life, we will seek death. We will lie, we will tell the truth and one day. We must face, what we became.
Once I pluck a rose from a garden, I kissed the rose and I touched a thought of you. I remembered, somewhere in time, we knew the hush of peace. We painted a canvas of dance, laughter and  white lies. We didn’t know, love was allusion, a Summertime wish. Now the night is silence.
I remember the nightingale song where love rendered us helpless. Now a divine memory, I am trying to find.
Once kind love made me breathless, unbridled my heart and made me want everything. The cold sea and iced-up lake taught me. The parting song of love is never sweet.
Maybe in the Spring, I shall find a open meadow and pray to Eros. Please send me a kind woman, allow me to know the fragrance of love. This time, I will be kinder and wiser. Ensure my beloved know she is the moon, she is the stars that brighten-up the night and my sun, that warmth on my face.
Maybe we can find the sea, maybe we can dance with the lake for evermore. Maybe we can learn.  Love is life and life is love.
                                  Dancing Coyote