Amazing poetry by a talented writer.


Image source: Pinterest

Walk me through,
a boulevard of unbroken dreams,
cradle me in thoughts of hope
Unravel me to encumber,
courage that must unfold

Let me now;
live through this happy moment
that my mind converges to fixiate upon;
The salty water gushes at my feet
I peer to see reflections of happy moments that gather—
in depths, hollows they come to meet

Heading towards mountains that echo my wraith,
I hear my name being called,
as they beckon me fondly to embrace dreams I’ve dared
In nature’s whispers they halt,
in reverberated tones
midst a peculiar silence I now know
it surfaces a happiness I’ve hardly known

My eyes fall upon on a marigold flower
to awaken an optimism that never tears
in yellowish-golden streams
It glows in my face to emit rays
beaming to upift my mind,
To sprint in happy hours that lay
in grasslands…

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