“The wicked waltz”

This wicked waltz


Perfect beauty is waiting for me and she is dressed in a perfect red rose  dress.
Her tempting shoulders and her flowing auburn hair make my blissful creature.
My goddess, my angel, my muse and my siren.


I found her by the lake. She was a sleeping flower waiting for someone to make her come alive, to find unknown and to swim in deep madness.


I stole her away to my secret places and she left a lover waiting. I promised her dance, Paris and dreamless nights where we would sing and dance to the rising moon.


We would watch the stars light-up the night and I promised to write her a thousand words of love. She was a eternal beauty, filled with celestial light of hope and love. She made my madness fade away and she create song of love to consume my heart.


Tonight we are in the city of Basel. Far from the rules and the secure life left behind. Our love blessed by no-one. I go to her. The Wicked waltz is playing. I took her hands, brought her close and I whispered.


Forbidden kiss, never forgotten. Simmering love need to grow to the volcano of the chaos of the  places of no return.  You are my angel, you are my devil. Let’s dance and make the Gods jealous.  True love is seldom touched. Tonight I’m wood and you are my fire, I love you dear lover.

John Castellenas/Coyote