It it be, your will

  If it be, your will
” The flame of love
You were the prettiest flower in the garden and
I brought you close and I stole a kiss.
I told you, dear lover. When I look into your eyes,
the flame of love is ragging in gladness and appreciation.
You are my miracle and my wonder,
My blessing.”
“If it be, your will
I found you by the sea, I asked you, my dearest sea flower.
Shall we dance for the ocean, for the moon and the stars?
It is the magic hour of the night, my beloved.
You smiled and you took my hands,
We danced with the moving wave,
allow wordless night to become our Fall blessing.
You whispered to me. Words are meaningless,
a majesty love need two people to stand against the hurricane of life,
never allow love to whither away,
make each new day, holy and a blessing.”
                          Dancing Coyote