My gin and juice lullaby

 My gin and juice lullaby
Once we stripped bare naked and we showed real face and real skin.
You were fire and I was water.
My greed was to steal everything I could.
We languished in cheap motel till the noon hours and I saw in your eyes.
You knew, I was just a thief.
My guns was loaded with lies and tales.
You were perfect beauty and I was chaos and torrent thoughts.
I remember your last words to me.
“You showed me your 45 pistol and you held the gun to your heart.
You whispered. Damn fake Michigan cowboys carry gun and lies, like a honor.
Us Texas girl, we carry the gun and when we are pissed-off.
Bang, bang. You shall die.
You told me you loved me and you needed me.
I know who you are,
just a gin and juice lullaby.
I have found you  in the Belton, Texas tavern, five times.
You stirred my wish to love,
you taught me great lessons.
Us men and women who love the gin and the juice.
Love is wishful dance,
we love to crash and burn in the game of love.
Just remember.
Love can make us want to live, make us want to kill.
Us Texas girls.
Are hurricanes when we are pissed-off.
Please be kind.”
Army stole me away from my Texas hurricane.
I remember her beautiful face and
I remember she could shoot a can off the fence at 50 yards.
She was so sweet and she had a tragic heart.
She is my gin and juice Texas lullaby.