The rear-end of a so-call love

Rear-end of a so-call love



She poured the tequila and she told me I’m the only one.



I whispered to her. To the only one I’m holding tonight and  I  kissed her  tequila soaks lips and I told her. I  will die for you and I would lie to you to make your smile.. 



She smiled and she kissed me, than we engulfed in a laughter.  We were two people with only lies left.   



She brought me closer  and she held me tightly in a silence embrace. She whispered to my yearning ear. It doesn’t matter anyway. The night is long and cold. Dead heart need the fake realness of soft caress and kind words. Even the liar’s prayer is better than being alone.



We fell on the cheap motel bed, removed our clothing and she asked. Leave the light on. I like to see and feel the sin. She put on the Leonard Cohen song on and she danced slowly to his words. She asked me. Am I beautiful dark Poet?  I told her she was my dear Beatrice, my wicked wish in the loneIiness of the darkness. I took her hands and brought her to the soft bed. She allowed my hand to discover hidden and tender places she wanted to come alive again. Her sad face found peace for a moment and she embraced and held me..



Our lovemaking wasn’t to excite the soul. Just to release a hunger, that always wanted more.   I told her. She smelled like sea and the wildflowers by the rocks.   I love the way you move, like the wild sea, desperate and wanting more.



She told me I was her best and I whispered to her,  you were the best too. We laughed again.

Lies are easy to speak. Does it matter anyway?

We separate in the morning and I don’t ask for a phone number. We knew where to find each other. At the bar with the cheap liquor.

After the beer and booze hit . It don’t matter anyway.



                            COYOTE, 1995