I’ll take care of you


 I’ll take care of you
Longing, belonging and believing.
Love was life, life was love.
I learn,
bleeding, screaming and the damn whiskey can’t kill the memory.
Once, with a single kiss.
We made promises we couldn’t keep,
you were the wild sea and I was the standing mountain.
Once we danced in tantalized nights,
made the day become night,
we held the illusion of love, endless and forever.
We were drunk in love,
the blindness of youth,
made us want everything and nothing.
You told me once,
I will take care of you.
Keep you, safe and sound.
No-more, too late, a farewell written in the midnight hour.
I remember, she wore a dress of silk.
The most beautiful girl I ever saw.
Now the nightingale song remind me,
love can be sweet and divine,
love can be dark and still.
The parting song,
I do remember,
broke my heart forever.
When love died,
never died easy.
We shall bleed till we cannot no-more.
                           Dancing Coyote