A whisper, a prayer

A whisper, a prayer (For Corporal Anne Vassas)


Our children, are like a garden to us.
We want them to expand and grow to evermore.


Once unstoppable spirit,
left my world.
Just a face to me,
just a few photos and a honored short life.


Once unstoppable young woman,
a U.S Marine,
took her own life.


I am left with a whisper, a prayer.
“Please lord of life and death.
Please allow Anne into a better place,
where she can know joy and happiness.”


All of us, can struggle.
Please pay attention to the people near.
Listen, lead with concern and kindness.
Some people on holding on to a thread of hope,
hiding fear and disappointment.


They bury a beautiful flower today,
just a baby,
and all I can do is,
whisper a prayer.
Dear Anne.


You will be missed by many and I hope you are dancing with the angels.


Dancing Coyote