The Scale of 1 to 10 (part 2)” – Nayana Nair

Wonderful poetry by talented writers.

it rains in my heart

#about the street where we won’t meet

There is a street in my mind, where an often underappreciated singer sings about a love that stands just across the street. Forever they stand there, one trying make up combinations of words, variations of beautiful verses – not to win her heart, but to beg the world to keep her beautiful memory alive. Forever her image hovers and floats above the ground, but he is too faraway to notice.

   Well the first time that I saw her
   Standing in the middle of the road
   Eyes as bright as Christmas lights
   Wearing someone else’s clothes
   I did my best to ignore her
   But ignoring my best pretty soon
    - "Words", Passenger

 I’m opening my eyes I see you I shake my hands So your image scatters No matter how much I do that How often I do that Still, in front of me…

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