Children in time,

  Children in time
I took a walk by Lake Saint Clair. The Summer days were leaving and the days of Fall were here. I looked at the morning sun and I touched the cold water.
I came to pray and I came to burn some sage.
I was once a young man with great hope and
now I am a old man.
Knowing I did little good for my world.
My father left me, a world of war and violence,
I did little to make the world better.
Children in time,
refugees escaping war and hate,
fearless warriors,
do they know?
We gutted this world.
I see in the child’s eyes,
wonder and questions.
My grandchild asked me.
Why do men fight?
Why do men kill?
I speak white words, black words.
Meaningless words to him.
He know already,
the world we left,
ugly and dangerous.
Today I burn some sage,
set-up my stones of harmony,
I whispered a silence prayer to the lake.
Please dear Earth, the wild sea and the beautiful trees,
help my world, make the leaders know.
The children know.
The killers are in Washington D.C.
The greed of men are cutting down the great forest,
drilling for oil in the Great Lakes and the sea. Create new
weapons of mass destruction.
Children in time, we were once.
Once we needed less and we loved the sea,
we loved the forest and we knew.
Don’t need everything, we need just enough.
A sunny day, dancing water by the sea and the long walk into the forest.
Easy blessings.
Today I will burn sage,
pray for my world.
                               Dancing Coyote