Coyote quotes and more.

Coyote quotes and more
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Some words.




If you save one life, you learn love. If you save many lives, you learn peace.

Better to know silence, when all you have to say is angry words. Angry words and negative thoughts can create a permanent separation. Always leave with kind words. Could be the last words spoken to someone you loved.

A wise person, talk less, listen more. We must pay attention to the people we love. All of us need kind words and a friendly face. The world is hard enough already on the people we love.


Be the place of safety, be the open door, when life is hard for the people we love. All of us need a safe place to go when life is hard on us. The people we care for, must know. Open arms and wide open doors for them always. They are never alone.


Dancing Coyote