Sweet Peggy

   Sweet Peggy, please don’t cry
I found her again in 1992.
My war was over and she was fighting a lifetime war.
She had gin, vodka and whiskey on your kitchen table when  I found her again in Florida.
I asked her. Sweet Peggy, where are you going? where have you been?
What do you want? She filled a glass, two ice cubes and she filled with the whiskey. She drank the whiskey and she told me. Johnnie, Johnnie, I am here no-more. I called you in Michigan and you came to me. You are my only friend.   I have gave everything away and now I am alone. I don’t recognize my face no-more, I am ugly with hate and regret.
Tears fell from her eyes and I brought her close and I whispered.
Sweet Peggy, please don’t cry. I am here now and you are not alone. She smiled, took my hands. We danced to the song of the December Florida rain. She took me to her bedroom, opened the large window. She whispered, let’s make love in the rain. Let’s pretend we are babies again. I remembered you love me once Johnnie. Johnnie, Johnnie, please tell me you love me still.
She took off her clothing and she turned to me. She asked. Am I pretty, am I special? I went to her, forcing her pretty body close and I whispered. Whiskey don’t fix us, gin don’t heal the wounds and vodka make us accept less. We will bleed, cry and die often. If you need me. We can try. We are like leftover wine. Waiting to be drank, we are waiting to be loved.
She smiled and she whispered. Promises made are to be broken. We have 12 days and if we have anything left to say before you escape for Texas. We can make more promises to break.
She turned around and I kissed her neck and her face. I whispered, pretty Peggy, I loved you for a thousand years.