“Hey, that isn’t no way to say goodbye”

Hey, That isn’t no way to say goodbye



You were my warm Spring day. The sun, the moon and my flowing river of hope.  You were my first love and last love. I came to  say  a  proper goodbye. I sat in her small apartment with her.  We held a captive love here once, we locked the doors, we made love through the night to early morning. I told her as she rested her head in my lap.



I remember us. You were my blushing  beauty who made me know the true emotion of nakedness and true wildness of need and want.You stole my heart and mind forever.  We learn to dance in this room once and you promised me forever here. You made me write down my words. Now the words burn my soul and heart. You wanted me to yearn for you, to dance in a  eternal dance.  I didn’t know love was fragile and could be forgotten. I left you a cold Winter day with no proper words. Today I want to tell you. Thank you  my  dear Daniela. You taught me how to live, to love and how  to die. Without you. I would of been  alone.  Not knowing the allure of the embrace and sweet kiss. I still love you and today. I came to say, goodbye my lover, my friend.


Daniela looked up  with tears and few words. She told me. You were so kind, maybe too kind. I’m so sorry for breaking your heart.


I  kissed her face, hair and lips. I told her, I would of lived for you, die for you. Dear Daniela, I wouldn’t trade one second of our utopia we held once. I learn later. Your love and kindness was a gift. If you need me dear Daniela. You can find me and I love you my beautiful lady.



John Castellenas/Coyote