“Old dogs, children and watermelon wine”

  Old dogs, children and watermelon wine
Sitting alone by the California fault line in 1998. Almost forty and I felt old as the mountains I could see. My tire mind wondered what life should be.
I felt like I was running in circles, landing in the same place. Winning some and losing more.
I remember my Grandfather’s wise words. Life is fair, work hard, go dancing often and drink three beer daily and a shot of whiskey, everyday at 8 pm. Few things stay the same. Enjoy the good days and forget the bad. He would smile and he would tell me. Like the old song. Old dogs, children and watermelon wine. Woman will come and go. True gold is what we leave behind. A happy man have children at his feet and enjoy the taste of watermelon wine. A good life, slow and easy. Enjoy everyday.
I understand his words now. I told my children and anyone who would listen. We must work but, everyday do something you enjoy. Take vacations and tell your wife, you love her daily.
Life is simple. Find time to smell the flowers, slow down time and tell the folks you care for. You love and need them near.