The Perfectly Imperfect

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

perfectly imperfect

When I find myself in times of darkness

when the weight of the world

becomes too much to bear—

and I’m left feeling disheartened

by humanity—

I remind myself of the beauty

I find in the imperfect

I truly believe that the most overlooked

people and things

are the most beautiful

Elongated green peppers

and lumpy strawberries

Crooked coffee mugs

and smiles

Quirky tea infusers

and twisted roots

Cobblestone sidewalks

castles and ruins

mystery and history—

things with depth

and soul

Wounded hearts and sad stories

dark art and pain hidden eyes

souls that are searching—

for something more

Old pubs and blues guitars

and lyrics that rip open your soul

Rainy days and fallen leaves

classic novels and vinyls

and black and white movies

The lost—

The tormented—

The misfits—

The outcasts—

and anything and everyone—

who just doesn’t seem to fit

People who remain who they are


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