I will care of you

I will take care of you dear lover

Ancient Poet wrote. You can be killed off with kisses and loving eyes can turn cold and dark.

Pretty Beth whispered. Take me, make me and make me feel alive. Make my body burn with a wildfire to light-up the long night. Let’s burn down the night and make the mornings streaming hot my lover.

Beautiful Beth danced bare and nude by the open window. The morning sun blessed by perfect womanly curves and her morning song. She sang to the morning blue.

“Everything was you and you are my sugar in my morning coffee.
You are my sage in a life filled with disappointment.
You make me feel wild and fearless.
You are my sin, you are my miracle.
You love me sweet, you love me dark and cold.
I would be alone without you”

She turned to me. Bare feet, long legs and wanting eyes told me.

Take me, break me, make me feel needed and wanted.
Even if our love is hidden in the dark and cannot see the light of the day.

I went to her. I embraced her tightly and I whispered.

“I will take care of you my lover. When the night is lonely and cold.
I will leave the light on for you and I will leave the door unlocked for you.
You are my Summer sweet wine and you are my Black Velvet whiskey straight.
You are sweet as honey and bitter as a early Summer lime.
I love you now and I will love you later,
I will take care you dear lover.”

She smiled and she whispered. Love make us swim in utopia and love will teach us the hell of loneliness.

John Castellenas/Coyote