Can’t be loved

  Can’t be loved
The prettiest lady I ever knew, she told me often.
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
the light of love,
leave you bleeding and needing.
Fairy tale beginnings become just myth and tale.
The darkest lady I ever know, she told me.
We learn one day,
we shall steal and borrow,
lie so sweet when the night is upon us and
we will run, escape when we stole enough.
The loneliness lady I ever knew, came to me,
showed me her bare skin and she whispered to me.
“We never see the real face and we learn too late.
Maybe we wanted too little, wanted too much.
I can’t be loved, dear lover.
You and I,
hit and run people,
just taking what we need.
Just ghosts upon a dream, a nightmare.
                  Dancing Coyote