One more time my love


One more time my love
In sweet dream, I paint on a empty canvas, the beauty of your face, the softness of your lips. We were world apart and once, we try to capture everything in seconds, minutes and hours.
I remember San Francisco, we drank the good whiskey and we danced in the city of lights. You were the most beautiful woman I ever seen. I loved your heart, hopeful, sweet and so kind.
I sing to the Pacific ocean now.
“Marcella, Marcella.
I am here in Monterey,
where are you my sweetest love?
I would cross the sea to be able to look into your eyes.
Trade away my organized life for one more time my love,
one more time.
To dance with you anywhere.”
In my canvas of dreams,
we are the San Francisco pier,
dancing, laughing and so foolish.
I pray you found happiness,
my dear Marcella,
maybe on a blessed night.
I will find my Gypsy beauty with the heart of gold,
We will go to Big Sur,
hold hands, share a thousand kisses,
allow love to win over the safety of real life?
                      Dancing Coyote