Dear Michigan

Dear Michigan

Promises made and promises broken. Left me where I started. I left you in Michigan trying to find the place where I could feel alive. I found wars, new cities and drank strong drink in 40 countries. Years later I sat outside your house and I saw you and your baby girl. Dancing and so damn happy.

My regret is I never said goodbye to you. You were the girl I dreamed about for 10 years and I never stopped to appreciate your kindness given. I remembered I sat and watched you from a distance.  I left you be. Sad books and sad story need to be closed forever. I had no words to say to a kind woman who tried to hold down a hurricane.

Today I sit in a South American tavern. I wonder did Hemingway miss anything? Did he yearn for a sweet woman somewhere? Did you wished he held on to someone?

I go outside. Allow the tropical heat to warm-up my mind and body. I tell the night stars. I’m sorry for being a man who loved no-one, who love the new cities and who wanted the sea.  He wanted the mountains and the kiss of strangers. Dear Michigan, I did not forget you.

John Castellenas/Coyote