Time after time

Time after time
The folly of time,
we believe,
some things shall last forever.
We learn,
time can be a thief,
moved so damn fast.
We learn too late,
every words spoken, say with a kind heart.
Kind faces shall leave us,
always leave with kind words,
one day, we shall learn.
Love rarely touches us and
few friends, we shall have.
Time after time,
we found each other.
In the Spring,
we drank coffee by the Atlantic,
the Georgia kind days,
made the long walks and long talks,
wonderful and sweet.
We found each other in California in the Fall.
I was deploying for some war and you came to me.
You whispered to me,.
time after time,
we chased rainbows, made wishes in the wishing well.
I prayed we learn,
our cursed life made us strangers
and time is a thief my love.
One day, you shall forget me.
And I will remember us.
Just raven and coyote.
Making promises,
never to be kept.
                            Dancing Coyote