The Island- part six

The Island- part six

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A new chapter finally.


                                                        The Island- Part six
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Nicole took me to Lana. She was waiting and  she was talking to a beautiful woman with eyes of wild hazel.  The woman rose-up and came to me. She hugged me and she told me, my name is Boadicea, welcome to the Island. You can call me Lilly. I heard great things about you, always nice to have a poet on Idyllic. We need words, we need song and we need a safe place to rest. I have been here for almost a thousand years. I hope you find time for a long talk with me. I love discussing the old and the new world. Maybe I could teach you something worthwhile. She returned to Lana, kissed both her face cheeks and she came back to me. Kissed my forehead and she whispered. We can overcome all things and she wandered off.
Lana sat in her seat, the canvas and the paint near. She smiled and she laughed. Here in Idyllic, many interesting people had found their utopia. Dear Lily, a great healer. Once she knew war and violence, now she is part of the Idyllic myth and tale. She is the balance on the island. Ensure we don’t forget who we were. Please Johnnie, sit down and I will tell you some stories if you like. I sat near her and she asked. Look toward the lake please.
She begin to paint and I watched the Lake Superior. She told me. Lily was  second . She lost her world and Luna found her. Luna brought her here. The ancient Ojibwa thoughts they were medicine  women or Shaman women. Luna found the island and the Ojibwa people near left her alone. They knew, she wanted silence. She heard a child sick and dying. The child was sick with a stomach ailment and she made a dish of vegetables and dandelions root. The child begin to heal with the cleansing of the sour stomach. After this incident, the Ojibwa came often for healing. One night, Chief Raven came and he told her. If you want, please stay on the island. We see the pain in your eyes and the big water is a healer. Lake Gichigama will protect you and thank you for befriended us. It is sad, no-more Ojibwa come to us. I believe few are left with the ancient knowledge. Luna brought Lily here after the battle where Rome destroyed the Druids and her Army. She held silence for a hundred years, Luna told me. Lily is very wise and she became a Native American myth, they called her Morningstar. She taught the Iceni natural cures to the natives. I asked her. How did you come to the island?
She smiled and she told him. Lana is my third name.  Once I was Natae, once I was DeaMeuna. Now I am Lana. I saw terrible things in my lifetime and one day. I decided death was sweeter than life. I create a deadly poison to put me into a permanent sleep. Luna appeared at my door and I allowed her in. She held me like a child and we cried together for hours. She told me, dear Natae, goddess of purity and kindness. Please come with me to Idyllic and maybe you can learn some kind of peace. I went with her and I met Lily. I knew Boudica and she had transformed to a beautiful spirit. Lily never left my side for a hundred years. We became the healers for the ancient Ojibwa and they built the wood bridge for us. They would bring fresh food to us and we use to. Celebrate the birth of Spring and the sleep of Winter. I started to paint the bridge and now. The bridge tells the story of many. I asked her. Is this dream dear Lana? I came to die and now I am surrounded by the beauty of Idyllic and the kind people. Why am I worth saving?
Lana stopped painting and she looked deeply into my eyes. She whispered, you are not done yet Johnnie. Lake Gichigama brought you to us. The island is hidden from the view of people unless you are called to her. Idyllic had many people with heavy stories.  Once I lost everyone and everything. I wanted to kill everything that destroyed my world. I decided death was better than hateful life. I was saved by dear Luna. I believe the island wanted to save you. I asked her. Why do I need to be saved? I am just a man. One less man who was careless and cold, he would not be missed. Lana stood-up and she came to me and she whispered. We are like the sea, rocking and a rolling to life destiny. We don’t know the reasons we are upon this earth. Maybe you will save one and find your heart, maybe you will save many and save your soul. Took me saving a thousand people lives to heal. Once my dreams were nightmares and tears. I remember the Ojibwa children called me “The Moon”. They would bring me small gifts and we would dance by the big lake. I assisted in the  birth of many babies. In the babies eyes, I learn. I wasn’t done yet and you are not done yet.
                         Dancing Coyote