Bacchus wine and beautiful ladies

 Bacchus wine and beautiful ladies
Once I was free, once I didn’t slumber in living.
I remember the sea, I remember barely dressed women dancing for the Pacific.
The rhyme and song of a poet’s pen,
are curvy women, Bacchus wine and lover’s chatter till the morning light.
The sweetest days are, sharing coffee with a beloved,
holding hands and sharing dream watching the morning sun come alive.
Once I weaved sweet dreams, longed for the sea,
loved the never-ending kisses.
My war-torn soul was lost somewhere,
now I dream of perfect lady whispering to me,
come hither, come closer, please dance with me.
Please Johnnie, come to the Monterey pier,
I am waiting for you with the Hemingway ghost.
My beloved,
let’s dance for the midnight moons,
please awake your quiet mind and find the place where the Bacchus wine was splentiful
and youth was our wealth.
One day,
I will return to old Monterey,
climb deep into the hidden rocks below the city,
burn some sage and taste some freedom with the sea dancing near.
I will drink the Bacchus wine and whisper to the sea.
I remember the days of freedom,
I remember my beautiful Beatrice and
I know now.
Second become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become days.
Days become years and when love is near, laughter is never-ending,
dance, sing and make the time last forever.
                           Dancing Coyote