“Please come home to me”

Please come home to me

I called you from Monterey. I told you the sea is so beautiful, the Pacific ocean sings to me, bring me hope. I drink coffee all day, I drink the California wine in the night and I sit in the places where Hemingway found some kind of peace. Monterey is so beautiful. Please come live with me, near the sea. We could drink coffee in the early morning and watch the sunrise. I need your beautiful face to see. Dear Julie told me, “Baby, you can’t run away from things, left behind. I won’t come to California honey, I will wait for you here in the four seasons of our home in Michigan. I love you my Johnnie, please come home soon.”



I called you from Austin, Texas. I told you the days are hot. I can Texas two-step and the people in Texas are cool. They love to dance and drink, they celebrate being alive. A lot of work for you here in Texas. Winter is easy and we can roam the old cities, go to San Antonio to talk and drink some coffee dear Julie. We can drink and dance in Austin. They love my poetry there. You would love Texas my Julie. Please come and live forever with me in Texas. Dear Julie told me. “I love you Johnnie. Texas is too damn hot for a Michigan girl. I like my Summer days warm and the nights cooler. You can write your words here with me in Michigan. We can begin a life and you can quit running from dead brothers and regret. I’m here waiting for you and the Fall is here. The trees are colorful and beautiful. I wish you would come home. The road doesn’t need you no more. If you need me, I’m here waiting for you in Ann Arbor. It is time to come home my Johnnie.



I called you from Fort Steward, Georgia. I told you the Georgia coastline is God’s country. The people are kind and the cities are beautiful. I drive every weekend to the Atlantic sea. I have been suicide boarding the Winter storms, you would love the sea. Florida is two hours away. We could drive to Daytona. Drink the good beer and dance on the beach like kids again. I need you here with me Julie, I’m falling apart again. I need your smile and kind words near. Please come to Georgia. Dear Julie told me. “Been five years, you volunteered for every war and re-enlisted for more time. Johnnie, I like my life the same. Same house, same coffee and my family near. If you can’t stop running. I can’t be your yearly stopover anymore. I need you here with me in Ann Arbor. The Spring is here, the flowers are blooming and the tree are alive and strong. Please Johnnie, come home to me before you forget me my love.



I called Julie from Honduras. I told her. I’m so far away, I’m sorry my Julie. I have loved you for 20 years. You are right my love. I’m looking for the wrong things, I know you are my only sweet touch in my life. Time for you to give-up on me. You are sweet as honey and I can’t stay too long anywhere. I’m running from the devil. Julie was crying and told me. “Traveling fool. I don’t know how long I can wait. I planted my flowers and sang songs for you. I need you here, but baby. You must decide. To fight your wars and demons or come home to me.”



I told Julie. I love you and thank you. You are my only gentle touch in a life going to hell. I knew she was crying, she knew I wasn’t coming home the same. I didn’t call dear Julie no-more. Letters came for a while. She got marry and I got drunk in 40 countries. I tell the young Soldiers. Stay home and hold on to the sweet hearts waiting. Don’t be a dumb-ass like Johnnie.



Coyote/John Castellenas