Beautiful song and some words.

Please sing to me, a kind and sweet lullaby.
In the night when I’m overtook by the weight of life. You touched my face and brought my head into the safety of your breasts. You caressed my face and my hair, you whispered sweet and kind words. We shall be okay, rest dear Johnnie. Life is hard and love is sweet. I’m here with you and please forget the burdens of living. You and I. Will overcome and find places where we can laugh, dance and be free one day.
I brought you closer and I asked you. Please sing to me, a kind and sweet lullaby.
                  A Lullaby
“Johnnie be glad,
Johnnie, don’t be sad.
You and I.
We know the sweet taste of love.
Forget what is chasing your life and
follow me.
I will show you open meadows,
the view of the never-ending sea.
We will dance with the free animals in the forest of peace.
Love be sweet, love be generous.
Love be us.”
I touched your face and I whispered. My dearest and sweetest love. You are my joy and my love . Please don’t ever leave my life, you make the hard days feel less painful and the good days, perfect.