“The ankle bracelet”

The ankle bracelet

The defining of beauty is easy to describe. I have stood on mountain tops and worshiped the hawks and the eagles, I have been in the arms of the great sea. There is beauty everywhere for us to see.

So many kind of beautiful things to behold. A beautiful woman danced in my view. She stole my eyes and my thoughts, she was wearing a Summer dress and she danced barefooted  in the shallow sea water. She was smiling and singing to the sea. She came to me and she fell at my feet and she asked me. Am I pretty? Am I sweet? Won’t you join me and dance near the sea? I want us to dance for the sun and the sea my Johnnie.

I told my beautiful Beatrice. I love to watch you dance wild and free. Your auburn hair blowing gently in the Summer breeze is splendor to my eyes. Your body is alluring and tempting and you leave me breathless and wanting to observe you. She put her tan legs over my legs and I caressed her legs and feet. I rolled my fingers over her ankle bracelet, I bought it for her a few days back. It was just shiny stones and rope,  became more beautiful wrapped around her soft and tan ankles.

I raised her right foot to my lips. Kissed her foot and told her. You are my sweetest dream, my elegant lady who love the sea.  I got up and brought her close and I whispered to her. We will dance for the moon and the stars. I want to make the Gods jealous of your beauty and grace.

Beauty is everywhere. We must open our eyes and digest the world of wonderful things and possibilities. My Beatrice went home and I returned to the sea often. Her memory left me with a bittersweet memories to hold on to.


Dancing Coyote