Fall and Rise of the Serf (Reprise)

Wonderful epic poetry by a talented writer.

Timeless Classics


A peasant boy lost in the woods
Upon a snowy day
Unseeing fell into a well
Built by Russian peasantry
So extremely long ago
We struggle that far back to see
The life this peasant boy would know
So different from our own would be

In those days every serf was owned
Outright his landlord by
Body and soul alike, condoned
By all — literally
A landlord to his friend
About the labor on his farm
Never need the fact defend
They had no shoes to keep them warm

And if they lift a cry
Their slow starvation to protest
There were many ways to die
At his maleficent behest
Perhaps he’d free the dogs
And make the tenant run instead
Loads of heavy, solid logs
Till he was very nearly dead

Then send him homeward to his wife
Just staggering that haven to
So that he would give…

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